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Remove Your Laminate Countertop in 5 Steps

Posted by Karen Yuen on Mon, Dec 27, 2010 @ 12:03 PM

A lot of people don’t realize how easy it is to remove your own countertops…even for people who are not particularly handy. Always be careful and it’s good to have someone to help you.  

  1. Clear the area.  Remove everything from the top of your countertop and cabinets – enough that you can access the inside back of the cabinets.
  2. Disconnect plumbing. Before you start taking the plumbing apart, make sure you shut the water off using the main water shut off valve (this will shut down water for the entire house so make sure you go to the bathroom before) or shut the water off with the shut off valves that will stop the water to the area you’re working. Do not turn the water on until the sink and faucets are installed.
  3. Score where the backsplash/countertop meets the wall.  Run a utility knife along the back wall where the backsplash or the counter  top meets the wall
  4. Unscrew the countertop.  From the underside of the cabinets, remove every screw that you can find attached the countertop to the cabinet.  Usually, you will find them along the front and the along the back.
  5. Lift and remove the counter top.  Place your hands under the front edge and lift the top using your legs and then arms. The area where the sink is may require a helper. Lift the countertop off the cabinets. Now that the counter tops are off, it is a good idea to make sure the cabinets are level. Unlevel cabinets are a common cause for the seam breaking in the counter top and sometimes may cause the counter top to crack.  Split seams or any damage due to cabinets that are not level are not covered under warranty.

Consult a counter top expert if you have any questions.

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