Natural Stone / Granite Countertop Care and Maintenance

Regular maintenance procedures are important to protect your investment and give you numerous years of beautiful, natural stone surfaces.


A clean rag, water and a small amount of neutral cleanser, such as mild dish soap or a stone soap(available at most hardware and building centres, or from your dealer) are more than sufficient to maintain a safe and clean surface. Rinsing thoroughly is a good practice to avoid soap scum build-up. Dry the surface after cleansing.

For oily spills that may occur, simply wash with a mild cleanser (such as Palmolive liquid dish soap) wipe with water, dry.

Rule-of-thumb: wipe up spills as soon as they occur. Prevention is the best policy and preventing spills from sitting on the surface for any great length of time helps to avoid staining.


When caring for any natural stone surface, it is very important not to use any harsh commercial detergents or ammonia based cleansers. This includes products such as VIM, Mr. Clean, S.O.S. pads, Windex, et cetera.

Coasters are an excellent and easy way to protect your surface from harsh acids contained in most alcoholic beverages and citrus juices.

Avoid exposing a natural stone surface to strong acidic products common in the kitchen like lemons, limes, mustards, et cetera by using a cutting board during food preparation.

Use trivets and hot-pads to guard against hot items damaging the surface of the stone. Though natural stone is highly heat-resistant, prevention is the best policy!

Avoid ammonia based cleansers as they will dull the sheen and surface of the stone. Use non-acidic scum removers in the event of soap scum.

Always use a cutting board when using knives other cutting utensils.


Natural stone countertops are thoroughly sealed with a layer of silicone impregnator at the time of original installation. Sealing natural stone surfaces is important to the prevention of staining when accidents occur.