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Cheryl Torrenueva's Kitchen Makeover on a budget on CITYLINE today

Posted by Kevin Brooks on Mon, Nov 21, 2011 @ 11:00 PM

Are you thinking about doing your own kitchen makeover?

Are you on a budget?   Are you worried about pulling it off? 


Don't worry, there are great tips and tricks that you can use to make your kitchen into a dream space without shedding out thousands and thousands of dollars.  


Designer Cheryl Torrenueva shares tips on how to achieve the perfect DIY reno.  See the clip from this morning's episode of CITYLINE.  


Cheryl turned this poor functioning kitchen into a stunning showpiece.   She came to Latitude to take advantage of our remnant program and got a stunning White Stone countertop to add on top of the existing cabinetry which she painted in a dramatic tone.  Combined with the marble backsplash, the simple updates brought the small kitchen to life and succesfully make the kitchen look like a custom-made masterpice. 

Cheryl gives a number of tips to help you plan your space and save money while doing your reno.

Be sure to watch for the before and after clips of the kitchen in the video!  Believe me, it's well worth waiting the few seconds that CITYLINE makes us wait to see their commercial on the site.



WATCH THE CITYLINE CLIP HERE: Cheryl Torrenueva on Cityline



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