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Now the Look of Calacatta Marble with the Durability of Quartz

Posted by Bob Gilson on Mon, Aug 13, 2012 @ 10:20 AM

Calacatta Marble looks great in a new kitchen.  Unfortuantely, like most marbles, it is a soft material prone to chipping, staining and etching.  Within a year of installtion, most Calacatta Marble kitchens look well used and abused.  As a result, homeowners are advised to avoid Calacatta Marble countertops in their kitchens and this stunning marble has been relegated to bathrooms.

For all you Calacatta Marble lovers, here is a new kitchen design tip!

Diamastone has just introduced a new product, Nature Calacatta that is a stunning replica of Calacatta Marble.  Nature Calacatta is a man made quartz material that resists chipping, staining and etching.  Like all quartz materials it is durable and maintenance free.

Marble is a counter fabricator's nightmare.  Even though we use special diamond marble blades to cut the material and handle the material with extreme care, we inevitably end up with breakage either in the shop, transportation or installation.  When fabrication or installation breakage happens, we are then left trying to match the marble from differnet slabs in the same block or a new block.  It's never a happy story for the designer, the fabricator or the home owner.

Recently we had the opportunity to make a counter top from Diamastone's Nature Calacatta quartz.  Wow, what a dream material.  Not only was it easy to work with, it was a dead ringer for calacatta marble!

We left a sample of the Diamastone Nature Calacatta on our Calacatta Marble table in our showroom for everyone to see.  Over the course of two weeks we had marble distributors, designers, sales people and home owners all mistaked the sample piece for the same Calacatta Marble material used for our showroom table. (Just for the record, our showroom table has coffee stains, etching, chips and cracks in it but we love it anyways.  If someone from Diamastone is reading this blog, we would love a sample piece so we can replace our table top.)

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Aqua Bianca Marble on Steven and Chris on CBC

Posted by Kevin Brooks on Tue, Nov 22, 2011 @ 12:05 AM

Hey Guys,

Latitude had a busy day today... CITYLINE and STEVEN AND CHRIS in the same morning.

Here is a really sweet island countertop that we did for Stephen and Chris for their "Good, Better, Best" segment.

They took a store bought island, painted it and then added one of my favourite new Marbles (now available).

The GOOD was the white island cabinet; 
the BETTER was adding some paint to the Island; and
BEST was the island with the great marble piece on it.

The Marble is Aqua Bianca and it is so much more refreshing than the typical white marbles you see.

If you want to do something similar and add marble to island countertops or buffet counters, just be sure to think about care and maintenance.

You want to make sure to keep it clean and seal it frequently!!!!

Have a great night,




    • Here is a photo of a work in progress of an Aqua Bianca kitchen countertop that we are doing for an amazing couple in Toronto; Aqua Bianca Marble Kitchen Countertop resized 600

    • Visit STEVEN AND CHRIS Webiste

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