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How Long Does it Take Latitude to Make a countertop?

Posted by Karen Yuen on Mon, Dec 13, 2010 @ 10:43 AM

Latitude fabricates granite, marble and quartz countertops in 8 business days, AND beginning 2011, we will be fabricating in 7 business days. So from template or from when a layout is provided, you only have to wait 7 business days beginning in January 2011.

What’s the catch? There are no catches.  But there are a few things that we need to make this happen.  We need all the details confirmed on the confirmation sheet (we have to know what we are making – the colour, edge profile selection…) and if we are templating, all the cabinets must be secured and installed in their final location.  We create digital templates and they are very exact (within a milimetre!). Have your sink there too so the templator can ensure that it fits in your cabinet. Have a slide in stove? The templator will want to take a look at that too.  Essentially, if it affects the countertop, the templator will want to know about it.

Once the templator has plotted all the points into the computer, he translates everything into CAD. From there, in goes to the sawyers, to the laminators, CNC machines, water polishers, into installers trucks and to your home…in SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS!

 Want us to make it from your drawing? No Problem! Ensure that your layout has the shape clearly drawn, and all sides have the exact measurement that you want us to make the top.  The centre of the sink must be clearly marked since that is how we need that to cut the sink top out.  Edges that need to be finished should be marked with an “o” on the drawing and we need to know how many faucet holes to drill (typically single, 3 hole 4” centres, 3 holes 8” centres drilled either straight or curved.

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We will look over the drawing and let you know if we have any issues with the drawing that you give us.  And again, from there, in goes to the sawyers, to the laminators, CNC machines, water polishers,into  installers trucks and to your home…in SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS!

We do recommend that you have one of our professional templator come to your home to digitally templator your kitchen, since the space tends to be bigger and more complicated.

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